We will learn about programming desktop applications via location Mutasadir This specialization is in great demand in the labor market, as it enables you to develop applications with high performance and also quickly. To clarify what desktop applications are, it can be said that these applications are considered completely independent and were designed for devices running Linux or Windows. When you buy any computer, you can find many Of the applications installed on it, which includes the media player, as well as the calculator, etc. You can also download some applications yourself and install them on the device through installation packages that pertain to the application through CDs or the Internet, or you can purchase them from one of the software developers and then Install them so you can use them, and sometimes when these applications are released you have to update them manually. For more details, follow us.

Desktop application programming

Firstly, we would like to mention the best programming language for desktop applications used, as more than one can be mentioned. To clarify further, the following can be mentioned:

Windows application programming languages

You can use programming languages such as #c and C++ if you want to program applications specifically designed to run on the operating system.

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Mac application programming languages

Through this language, we find that you must use Objective C for Mac OS.

Linux application programming languages

  • When moving to Linux desktop application programming languages, we find that C or Bash must be used, in order to develop desktop applications directed to Linux.
  • Also, you need to use some special tools and tool packages for software development, etc.
  • If you want programming that can be done for all 3 operating systems, you need web technologies in all their languages.

The importance of desktop applications

The spread of programming web applications, as well as mobile phones, has increased, especially after the use of smartphones has become very widespread. Despite the increase in all of this, desktop applications obtain many benefits from them that you do not find in any other applications, and these benefits can be mentioned through: the next:

  • It is used in every field that needs to display high-resolution graphics, which is video editing, graphic design, and also architecture, as all of this requires speed and efficiency that you cannot find when using other applications.
  • Also, every industry needs direct communication between both the electronic device and the computer so that some specific settings can be adjusted for this.
  • Moreover, it is used in areas that need complete control, so it is preferable to use it locally as an alternative to running on a remote server so that you become fully empowered.
  • In addition to being used for work that needs confidentiality and privacy, as well as protecting data from any hacking, as the application when it is not connected to the Internet and stores all the data on the device, this helps to raise the levels of security and protection from every hacker and intruder.

It is worth noting that desktop applications are safe applications that maintain complete confidentiality and can communicate with the computer directly without the presence of an intermediary, and this increases the speed of performance, unlike other applications. For example, the web works from within the browser and is originally a desktop application that communicates. With the operating system and then it is the hardware.

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Here our tour of an article about programming desktop applications has ended with a brief overview of it, and it is still of great importance despite the widespread use of smartphones now.



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