Learn all the details about website programming via location Mutasadir As this field in general is one of the important fields at this present time, the organizational structure of any company or institution is not complete without the availability of its own website, because it is simply the interface for all successful projects. You will not find a prestigious, well-known and successful company unless it has a website as well. The same applies to For governmental or private institutions, the website contains all the information that the customer enters to know without the need to go to the company’s location himself. Thus, it saves a lot of time and effort, and what is more important is that it has become not limited to software engineers only, but learning it has become In the possibility of many.

Website programming

In order for the process of programming websites to be completed correctly, there are some things that must be implemented and which must be carefully taken into consideration, and they are available on the Mostadr website, which are as follows:

  • The idea: The goal of creating the website must first be identified so that the programmer can identify all the data that the website needs and also the working mechanism and then start building it, as he begins by imagining the general form of the website and all the sections it contains and knowing whether it is just a blog or is it for communication. Between people or is it just a site for visits only?
  • Design: This is considered one of the important parts of the field of programming, through which the structure and shape of the site are built. It requires the designer to have experience in graphic design, and its importance lies in the fact that it gives the first impression on the visitor’s imagination and therefore it is like a reflection of the visitor’s interest in the site. There are some sites that are distinguished by containing It has good features, but it was lost because there are some other sites that have fewer features, but their design is very creative.
  • Editor: The editor is considered one of the programs that helps write page code, and it is one of the most famous editors used that was developed by Microsoft visual studio code.
  • Programming experience: It is also necessary to have two or more languages, and the most important thing is not to have less than that so that you can achieve the primary goal of building the website.

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What is a website?

  • In the context of learning about website programming, we would like to say that a website consists of some pages that are programmed using programming languages and are linked together to become an integrated website.
  • You can only find something better than a website programming company like the Motaader website, which has many advantages.

Programming languages for website programming


Languages in general represent the language through which the computer can explain the task to be performed. There are many website programming languages that allow you to communicate with the computer, and they include the following:

  • language HTMLThrough this language, it is possible to build the structure and foundation of the site, as it is mainly responsible for this in terms of buttons, texts, sections, as well as links, etc.
  • language CSSIt is one of the website programming languages through which an aesthetic touch can be added to what was created using the previous language. It shapes, colors and moves the main elements of the website in the desired way until it becomes complete.
  • language javaScriptThis language adds coordination and different effects to the site, which includes adding movements, sliding menus, etc.
  • programming language PHPRegarding this language, it is the site’s infrastructure, as it is considered the link between both the server and the visitor.

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Here we have reached the conclusion of the website programming article. We have mentioned the requirements that must be implemented in order for the website to become successful, in addition to the programming languages that it must contain. All of this is one of the factors for the success of the website that links the customer with the company or institution, and we hope for the full benefit of everyone.


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