Many young people are searching for ways to learn programming mobile applications to work in the field of programming, as this field is one of the fields required in the labor market. There are many appeals from programming and design companies for the presence of professional programmers to implement a number of smart applications to implement the idea of digital transformation in all government and private services and institutions. Thus, time, effort and energy are saved and invested as they should be, and this is what we explain to you through the website Mutasadir With some preference.

What is meant by mobile application programming?

It is the process of using programming languages with the aim of designing a smart electronic application that works on a mobile phone, whether with the Android operating system or the iPhone operating system, taking into account development, modification and updating of the application so that the content continues to be better provided and the application achieves feasibility of use.

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Methods of designing and programming mobile applications

There are two basic methods that are relied upon in programming multi-classified mobile applications, whether the application provides entertainment, educational, or commercial content, social networking, or a travel application, and similar multiple classifications that provide services to the user and are willing to use them on a daily basis. Below we explain the steps for programming and designing applications. cell phone:

Special programming for each operating system

This stage means designing a smart electronic application that works according to the mobile phone’s operating system, that is, Android applications are created using the Java or Kotlin language, and iPhone applications are created using the Objective C or SWELL language.

Cross-platform programming

It means creating a single application that can work on a number of operating systems, such as the operating system for Android and iPhone phones. This is done through the use of a programming language or framework capable of working in both systems smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. An example of this is the use of the JavaScript language with the React framework. Native to achieve cross-platform programming of smart application programs.

programming languages

It is the language through which the application responds to your commands. There are a number of special types of programming languages that are classified according to the type of phone to be used. The type of smart phones varies according to the operating system between Android phones and iPhone phones, and each of them has its own programming language. Below we explain. that:

  • The Android operating system is based on the use of one of the following programming languages: Kotlin, Java, Caitlin, and Fluet.
  • The iPhone operating system relies on using one of the following programming languages: JavaScript with Flutter.
  • Objective C, SWELL, JavaScript with React Native.

Stages of mobile application programming

The mobile application programming process goes through a number of main stages through which purposeful and effective content is presented. These stages are:

The first stage is planning and design

This stage depends on initially defining the idea of the application, then setting specific goals for designing the application, then starting the initial design of the official interface of the application. Then, discovering the functions, features, and goals of the design until they are fully achieved.

The second stage is programming

The code that determines the behavior of the application is written and the code is written properly so that it can perform the required tasks very efficiently with just a click.

Third stage testing

The application is tested to ensure that it works properly, and all the tools that make up the application are tested very carefully so that a high-quality service is provided

The fourth stage is publishing

The application is published on the application store specific to the type of phone, depending on the programming language and operating system, so that the application runs smoothly and quickly.

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At the end of the article on mobile application programming, we have explained the most important points for launching a successful application, mentioning the importance of developing mobile applications for companies.



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