Programming mobile applications. Many people wonder how to program mobile applications. It is the process of developing and creating programs designed to work on mobile phones that operate on the iPhone and Android systems, in addition to developing programs to work with high efficiency to achieve the goal for which they were created, by using one of the programming languages, This definition does not only mean writing code, but rather includes launching and testing a successful application that works efficiently on different mobile devices.

The importance of developing mobile applications for companies

Having a brand-specific application represents a qualitative leap in the growth of its business. Mobile application programming is no longer reserved for simple activities such as knowing the weather and calendar. Rather, today it has become an effective means and an important factor in all services and essential to the success of organizations.

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Hybrid applications

  • A hybrid application is an application that is programmatically created to run on both platforms through several newly developed technologies that are available to programmers.
  • The advantage is that it can be customized for each platform individually to suit its requirements and functionality, for example, the top bar of an iPhone's user interface looks different from that of an Android device.
  • Hybrid applications do not require high financial costs compared to native applications, and they maintain a distinctive user experience regardless of the type of system used.
  • But hybrid applications can affect their performance by containing too many libraries and tools that can run on both systems.

Web application

These are applications created using the same programming techniques as a website, meaning that the website is optimized for use on mobile phones to accommodate different screen sizes.

  • It works on iPhone and Android, and it also works through Internet browsing programs such as Chrome and Safari.
  • The advantage of web apps is that their developers do not need to obtain approval from the app store.

Tips for launching a successful app

Competition in the application market is strong and fierce. Most companies now turn to developing applications specific to their business. In order to ensure that you reap good results from programming your application, read the following tips carefully:

  • First: Analyze your idea well before you start implementing your idea, make sure of its feasibility, write down your idea and put it in front of you, then ask yourself: What is the problem that the application idea addresses? The idea does not need to be out of the ordinary, and it does not have to solve a problem for which there were no previous solutions.
  • Second: The most important thing is the feasibility of implementing the idea and the unique implementation mechanism, that is, providing innovative solutions and characteristics that distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Third: You can exploit the loopholes and weaknesses that your competitors suffer from by developing solutions for them and adding them to your application so that they become strengths.
  • Fourth: Also pay attention to your audience during the preparation phase and learn about the solutions they rely on before launching it, and think about ways to convince them to convert to your application.
  • Fifth: Target a small segment first. Enthusiasm may push you to target a large audience base from the beginning, so you launch an application in more than one country once it is uploaded to the store.
  • This step may negatively affect the beginning of your journey, as applications at the beginning of their deployment usually need several improvements that you discover during the work phase.
  • The presence of a large user base in this case may cause you to lose a significant portion of potential customers.
  • Finally: Narrow your target audience in the beginning, as even Facebook initially launched it for Harvard students only, and now it is global. So start small, and move up the ladder one step at a time.

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At the end of the article on mobile application programming, we have explained the most important points for launching a successful application, mentioning the importance of developing mobile applications for companies.


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