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Your comprehensive guide to learning about e-marketing prices

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Your comprehensive guide to learning about e-marketing prices

The prices of e-marketing differ from one company to another, as the e-marketing companies provide a group of marketing services, which in turn support your presence and presence on the Internet, but the matter depends on providing a set of different price packages, each of which is based on a group of services that target potential customers in a manner appropriate to the product or the service.It is indispensable to deal with marketing via the Internet, which has become one of the easiest and fastest methods, in addition to the corresponding low cost when starting to promote the activity, and accordingly, entrepreneurs depend to a large extent on this type of marketing, specifically when there is no availability of The experience or the time required to complete this, the first e-marketing companies are used.”Mutasadir“, which provides the best price offers and we explain more later.

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Email marketing prices

In light of maintaining a set of considerations to determine the appropriate price package, prices vary from one side to another, as well as from one service to another, in addition to the presence of many influences.

As e-marketing is one of the tasks that enjoy a competitive market that is open on a large scale, so we find many e-marketing companies provide many price offers to attract the largest number of customers.

Which depends on the size of the company's business as well as its expertise in the field of Internet marketing, in addition to the nature of its target customers.

Email marketing prices

Email marketing prices

Taking into account the existence of many variables that companies keep in mind, to determine the price value and different packages, and the most important considerations are the following:

  • Brand value and position in the markets.
  • The experience and history of the e-marketing company, and its reputation for winning the trust of customers.
  •  The quality of marketing services needed to promote the service or product.
  • The estimated material value of the marketing campaign by the funders of the campaign.
  • The nature of competitors for the product or brand.
  • The amount of time required to reach the desired results from e-marketing and reap the promotional benefits.
  •  The expected sales value of the product during the marketing periods.
  • In order to determine the prices of e-marketing, companies often offer two types, the first of which is a package that suits marketing needs and includes price packages that differ according to the services provided.
  •  The second is represented by the annual contract on a group of customized services, and its price is determined by agreement between both parties, in light of its renewal within a specified period.

E-marketing company services

There is no doubt that e-marketing companies strive to do their best to provide various and advanced services that serve the product or service, in light of the success of the marketing campaign in an organized and fast manner as well.

Therefore, we look at some of the services provided by e-marketing companies, which in turn affect the prices of e-marketing, and we explain them as follows:

  • Work on building and designing a visual identity for the company's product within the scope of brand promotion.
  •  Designing a website based on what the company needs, in addition to programming it.
  •  Raising the level of search results and seo (SEO), to obtain effective e-marketing.
  •  Manage all social media platforms.
  • Taking into account promotion through email.
  •  In addition to providing all the marketing consultations that the client needs to raise the level of performance service.
  • Design websites and blogs targeting potential customers.

It is worth noting that the e-marketing company develops a marketing strategy for you that suits your service or product with a study of the market forces that qualify you to know the market share and the volume of your sales, so do not hesitate to contact the e-marketing experts “Digitality Company”.

Thus, we have shed light on the prices of electronic marketing, which include many packages that include several different services, and that the customer can choose among them for what is most suitable for him.

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