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Social media marketing services and prices

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Social media marketing services and prices

Social media marketing services and prices

Social media marketing services, creating your accounts on social media has become an important tool that business owners rely on today, because it enables you to manage social media as one of the main sales channels by presenting your products and services in different ways to motivate and increase interaction with the largest number of target audience constantly and communicate with them By following up on responding to comments and messages that really bear fruit, and you can access all of this through professional social media marketing services:

Social media marketing services

The Social Media Services Management Team works at Mutasadir E-marketing and social media services strive to provide all that is new in the management of social networking sites with hard work and proper planning to ensure a high-quality service first and foremost, therefore it is considered one of the best providers of digital services and marketing services companies with the testimony of many existing customers for having all the skills and experience gained Which qualifies it to be the first choice for professional, comfortable and efficient work.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Steps to manage social media accounts

We approach managing your social profiles in six stages:

The first step is to define your company and list all of its objectives in a professional manner.

The second step involves analyzing and evaluating the behavior of the target audience, as well as discovering the shortcomings and strengths of competitors.

The third stage is Create a strategic marketing plan Tailored to each social media platform and audience.

Step Four: Post relevant materials to your clients in an engaging and innovative way on a regular basis.

Fifth, we appoint an integrated media team to follow up on your marketing plan and ensure the success rates of your focused social media marketing campaign.

The sixth stage is to provide comprehensive reports and data on your marketing campaign.

Prices for social media management and marketing services

The prices of social media content management packages vary depending on the number of social media platforms to be managed, the number of publications and advertising campaign plans to market through your social media accounts, we may provide a new price plan suitable for your brand that can significantly affect the cost value and determine the service based on What your company requires of marketing services for your brand.

The importance of social media marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing methods for companies, as a result, it is necessary for your company to be present on one of the well-known social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, which allows you to be more frank and clear with potential consumers, before the widespread use of accounts Social media, as we see these days, reaching consumers has been very difficult and determining how much customers are dissatisfied or satisfied with your product or service is even harder.

Mutasadir services for marketing through social media

Examine your organization's social media profiles.

We examine the social media profiles of competitors in the market.

We find out the best social media sites for your company's business that have the most fans of your services.

We choose a professional username for each of your accounts.

We provide you with comprehensive analytical research that includes (content strategy - service / product specifications - competitive advantages - consulting on Google search engine marketing and whether it will help your company or not - marketing messages).

We provide a comprehensive content creation service to ensure that it is suitable for the target audience.

Through the previous lines, we have shown you some of the most important details about the best company that provides social media marketing services, and for more details, contact us now.




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