Programming smart phone applications has become one of the most frequently asked questions on Google search engines in the recent period. Many people ask about the steps for programming smart phone applications, which is a process based on creating and developing programs to work on smart phones that operate on the Android and iPhone systems. Programs are developed to work With high efficiency until the goal of making it is achieved, through the use of one of the programming languages. The definition of programming includes launching a successful application and does not only mean writing code. Get to know all the details through location Mutasadir.

The importance of developing smartphone applications for companies

The presence of a brand-specific program is a qualitative basis in the growth process of this brand’s business. Application programming is no longer reserved for simple daily activities such as the calendar or knowing the weather, but rather has become an effective and essential means in achieving all services related to institutions and is a current basis for their success.

Languages used in developing mobile applications

There are a large number of languages that you can use to develop and improve applications for smart phones and devices, which are the most important points to consider before starting to create and develop applications. The most important are the following:

Python language

Speaking more about the languages used in programming electronic markets, we have the best-selling language, Python, which is a high-level programming language:

  • The Python language is currently gaining popularity thanks to its efficiency and benefits the user to achieve a wide range of tasks, including web development.
  • It is probably the most user-friendly of all the languages mentioned in this article.

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Java language

  • Our second most important language is Java, a general-purpose, concurrent computer programming language.
  • They are category-based and can be used as “back-end” programming for a website.
  • Despite the name, Java is not something related to JavaScript.
  • Java has advanced in terms of functionality and security, and is one of the most stable and capable programming languages for building a large system.

PHP language

  • PHP is a new general-purpose programming language for computers. PHP offers more benefits compared to other languages.
  • It also works faster and is easier to maintain. Although it is not the oldest, it has gained great popularity and has become the most widely used language.

Ruby language

  • It is a dynamic, interpreted, and reflective programming language that is used as the basis for the Ruby on Rails framework that allows web applications to run faster.
  • It allows developers to do amazingly more with less code.

Go language

  • Our Go or nous language which is known as Golang is a source programming language, and it makes it easier for programmers to create a simple and efficient web program.
  • Go Lang web development is designed in a faster and more efficient way.

How to develop mobile applications and their complexity

The more complex the app, the longer it takes to code and launch it, but in general, it takes three to nine months to develop the first version of your app. The estimated time taken for each step is:

  • Create an application outline (one to two weeks).
  • Analysis and planning (4-5 weeks).
  • Application design (6-12 weeks).
  • Development and programming (6-12 weeks).
  • Testing and deployment (1-2 weeks).
  • A mobile app programmer should be experienced and able to give an accurate estimate of the lifespan of a project, beware of companies that over-promise.
  • If a developer tells you that you can build a complex app in a month, there is a possibility that the app will not be of the required quality.

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Here we have explained the most important steps related to the subject of programming smart phone applications, the importance of developing smart phone applications, and the languages used in the process of developing mobile applications.


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