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Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia 2024

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Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia 2024

Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia 2024

Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia. Social media pages and websites are more than just an entertainment tool in people’s hands; As it is one of the most important tools and means of electronic marketing in particular and marketing in general, because it is a powerful tool for those who are skilled in using it in the marketing process by social media management companies, and in this regard, today we will show you some details about the prices of managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia, and we will provide You will find many details about marketing services through social networking sites, what are its most important features, and how you can benefit from it.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing strategies. Here are some key points about what social media marketing is:

Promoting products and services:

Businesses can market their products and services by posting promotional content on social media platforms.

Direct interaction with customers allows for inquiries and support.

Targeted ads:

Social media can be used to launch targeted advertising campaigns based on user information, which increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Performance analysis:

Most social media platforms provide performance analysis tools, allowing businesses to understand how audiences respond to their content and ads.

Building brand awareness:

Businesses can use social media to build brand awareness and spread brand stories.

Analysis and strategy improvement:

Using social media analytics helps businesses evaluate the performance of their campaigns and adjust their strategies based on data and feedback.

Managing social media pages

Managing social media pages

The importance of marketing through social media

Marketing via social media has become of great importance in the world of companies and commerce. Here are some details about the importance of this type of marketing:

Reaching a wider category:

Social media marketing provides access to a larger and broader audience.

With billions of users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, businesses can reach broad audiences effectively.

Interaction with customers:

Social media allows direct interaction with customers.

Businesses can respond to followers' comments, point out their problems, and provide a quick response, which builds stronger relationships and increases customer satisfaction.

Better understanding of the audience:

By following users' interactions across social media, companies can better understand their audience's needs. This allows it to improve its products or services and adapt marketing strategies based on those needs.

Increase brand awareness:

Social media marketing helps build and enhance brand awareness. 

By posting engaging content and sharing brand stories, businesses can reinforce their identity and differentiate themselves in the minds of potential customers.

Marketing at the best cost:

When compared to traditional means of marketing, you will find that the prices for managing Saudi social media pages are more cost-effective. 

Businesses can easily create targeted and measurable advertising campaigns on these platforms.

Instant interaction:

Social media marketing allows businesses to quickly respond to changes in consumer behavior or in the market in general, giving them a competitive advantage.

Search engine optimization:

Social media activity can contribute to a brand's search engine optimization. 

Social media content can have a positive impact on SEO and enhance a company's visibility on search engines.

Promote social interaction:

A social media presence contributes to building a community around the brand, which enhances social interaction and motivates followers to share their experiences and opinions.

Social media management tasks

Social Media Management Encompassing a wide range of tasks aimed at building and enhancing a brand’s digital presence on these platforms, here is a list of the main tasks of social media management:

Developing a communication strategy:

Develop a solid strategy that fits the business objectives and target audience. 

This strategy should include the types of content, timing of publishing the content, and the key messages that the brand wants to convey through the content.

Content creation:

Create engaging and inspiring content that fits with the brand identity. 

This content can be text, images, videos, surveys and other types of posts targeted to the platform's audience.

Scheduling and timing management:

Schedule content to be published on a regular basis according to the times when the user audience is active. 

This enhances follower interaction and contributes to increasing electronic presence.

Reply to comments and messages:

Follow up on comments and messages and respond to them immediately, as this enhances interaction with the audience and creates a positive experience for followers.

Performance analysis:

Use data analysis tools to understand the performance of content, as this includes analyzing the extent, reach, spread, and any other indicators that help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Advertising Management:

Preparing and implementing paid advertising campaigns on social platforms. 

This includes identifying the target audience and adjusting the advertising budget.

Observing competitors:

Follow competitors' activities and understand how their audience interacts with their content. 

This can help improve your content strategy andSocial media content management Brand-specific.


Preparing periodic reports on the performance of social media sites, clarifying successes and challenges, and providing suggestions to improve future performance.

Follow technological developments:

Staying up to date with the latest developments in social media and using new technologies to improve performance.

Social media management tasks are constantly changing with market standards and technological developments.

The cost of managing Saudi social media pages

The cost of managing social networking sites or social media varies according to the services provided.

These services provide everything from marketing strategy to paid advertising. 

As a result, Saudi social media page management prices vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • the size of your business
  • How often do you intend to post?
  • services you need
  • What platforms do you want to share content on? What level of analytics do you need?
  • Do you intend to provide a service to respond to customers via social media or not.
  • All of these factors mentioned above basically determine the prices for managing Saudi social media pages.

Social media page management prices in Saudi Arabia 2024

Motader Company offers the best prices for managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia.

As it offers a lot of Social media packages Different ones that you can choose from according to your needs:

Bronze package 900 Saudi riyals
Silver package 1700 Saudi riyals
Gold package 2000 Saudi riyals
Diamond Package 3200 Saudi riyals

Each package includes a set of benefits that match the budget provided.

However, we can offer you a customized package through which you can get the benefits you want, and the appropriate Saudi social media page management prices are determined according to these benefits.

The best programs for managing social media accounts in Saudi Arabia

To facilitate the management of social media accounts and improve interaction with the public.

The use of social media account management programs is of great importance.

But dealing with a company can save you a lot, as the social media management company uses all of these programs at the best prices for managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some of the best programs used to manage social media accounts in Saudi Arabia:


Hootsuite is one of the most important programs and tools in the field of social media management. 

Hootsuite provides an intuitive user interface that enables users to schedule content, track interactions, and measure the performance of marketing campaigns across various platforms.


Buffer is a powerful social media content scheduling tool. 

Buffer allows users to set up structured content publishing schedules, as well as provide detailed analytics on content performance.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social provides a comprehensive set of tools that help manage social media and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns. 

Features include managing interactions, content scheduling, and performance analysis reports.


Socialbee is a powerful social media account management tool, offering content scheduling and analytics features as well as the ability to categorize content and target audience.


CoSchedule is a complete solution for managing social media marketing and organizing campaigns. 

Allows users to manage their marketing calendar and collaborate effectively.


Later is a great tool for scheduling content on platforms like Instagram. 

It allows users to upload and schedule photos and videos in advance, facilitating regular posting.


Crowdfire offers social media account management features like following and unfollowing, as well as performance analysis to help users understand the impact of their campaigns.

Prices for managing Saudi social media pages

Prices for managing Saudi social media pages

Other programs

Zoho Social:

Zoho Social offers a comprehensive social media account management solution, providing advanced analytics and powerful content scheduling tools.


TweetDeck is an advanced Twitter account management tool where users can follow tweets, schedule content and monitor activity with ease.


Canva makes it easy to create engaging social media content, allowing users to design professional, eye-catching images and infographics.


Falcon.io is an all-in-one platform that combines social media management, performance analytics, and social feedback to deliver an end-to-end experience.


SocialBee offers content scheduling and performance analytics services, as well as the ability to create a strategic social media content plan.


Iconosquare is primarily used to manage Instagram accounts, providing detailed statistics about account activity and content performance.


Agorapulse is a complete solution for managing social media accounts, providing tools for scheduling, monitoring interactions, and analyzing performance.


MeetEdgar can effectively reuse content by reposting old updates, saving time and improving audience engagement.


Sendible provides social media management services with capabilities to analyze and quickly respond to comments and messages.


Loomly is a versatile content management and team-level collaboration tool to ensure well-coordinated campaigns.


MavSocial offers a solution to manage social media accounts and create impressive visual content.

All of these programs and more are used by Motader Company The best social media advertising companies in Saudi Arabia In its own packages, all at the best Saudi social media page management prices.

Choose appropriate social media channels

There are many e-marketing channels, but how can you choose the most suitable for your marketing campaign?

Determine campaign objectives:

Determine whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, increase sales, improve customer interaction, or another goal.

Study the target audience:

Understand the characteristics of the target audience, such as age, gender, interests, and interaction through social media.

Identify popular platforms for your target audience:

Find out which channels your target audience mainly uses. 

For example, if your audience has a large presence on Instagram, you should consider this channel.

Evaluation of competitive activity:

Study competitors' activity on social media to understand the channels they use and how they interact with the audience.

Learn about the benefits of each platform:

Evaluate the features of each platform and how it can contribute to achieving the specified goals. 

For example, Twitter may be useful for achieving quick interaction, while Instagram has a great ability to display images and video.

Evaluation of available resources:

Evaluate the available resources of time, budget, and skills to understand the team’s ability to manage the campaign on each platform.

Use of analytical data:

Rely on analytics data to understand campaign performance on each platform and adjust strategy based on results.

Listening to the audience:

Interact with the audience to better understand their preferences and feedback, and choose the channels on which they interact most.

Choose the most suitable:

Based on the study and evaluation, select a set of social channels that fit the campaign objectives and meet the needs of the audience.

Do you need to deal with a specialized company?

Many small businesses or medium sized businesses usually don't have the time or resources to effectively manage social media. 

Consistently posting good content requires a great deal of time and effort, which some marketing teams lack; Because you may not have someone on your team with the experience or abilities to create effective advertising campaigns.

Therefore, as an e-marketing and social media management company, we are in Mutasadir We provide the best services to appear online on all different platforms and work through a specific strategy to reach your marketing goals in the short and long term.

What are the right social media platforms for your business?

Care should be taken when selecting the best social networks for your organization, the following are the key aspects of each platform:

  • Facebook

The Facebook platform is one of the most powerful and influential social media platforms for the entire marketing process. 

Facebook has approximately 2.7 billion active monthly users, due to its massive fan base, it has a fair gender balance, and between the ages from the youngest to the oldest, with Facebook controlling the majority of the age groups.

  • Instagram

Instagram is kind of Social networksIt is a unique and great way for companies and brands that create visuals such as images.

Mostly, Instagram users are young men, with more women than boys and men on the network. 

This makes it a unique platform for companies specializing in the production and design of fashion, technical services, cosmetic exhibitions, and institutions that care and focus on decorations and cosmetics.

  • Twitter

Twitter has around 320 million active users worldwide. 

Twitter users frequently search for current news and trends.

So it is an ideal platform for brands that want to engage in interactions and discussions about trends in their industry. 

It's also a great area for them to connect with influencers, as well as companies and individuals who cherish the brand.

The best e-marketing agency

The best e-marketing agency

Motasader Company is the best social media management company in Saudi Arabia

It is considered a leading company The best social media management company In Saudi Arabia, it offers a comprehensive range of services and benefits that ensure the maximum benefit for its customers. 

Motader Company is characterized by innovation in the field of campaign management through social media, and it always seeks to achieve success and excellence in this vital field.

Also, one of its most important features is that it offers the best prices for managing social media pages in Saudi Arabia

Digitality Services

Preparing marketing strategies:

We analyze our clients' needs and identify appropriate goals, and then provide customized marketing strategies that reflect the brand's vision.

Content management:

We create unique and engaging content that resonates with the client's audience, and manage scheduling and publishing processes on a regular basis.

Advertising campaign management:

We design and implement effective advertising campaigns across various media platforms to increase engagement and reach.

Performance analytics:

We constantly monitor and analyze campaign performance using advanced analysis tools to provide periodic reports and take necessary actions.

Interact with the audience:

We actively manage engagement with the public through responses to comments and messages, ensuring continuous communication is fostered.

Advantages of Motasader Company

Professionalism and efficiency:

We have an experienced and competent team in the field of social media management.

Advanced technology:

We use the latest technologies and tools to ensure that campaign objectives are achieved with high efficiency.

Integrated solutions:

We provide integrated solutions that include all aspects of social media management.

innovation and creativity:

We always strive to provide creative solutions that respond to the aspirations of our customers and excel in achieving their goals.

Cheapest cost:

One of the most important features of Mutadir Company is that it offers the best prices for managing Saudi social media pages among all companies.

The company's prices are economical in relation to the quality of services that you can obtain.

The number of the best social media page management company in Saudi Arabia

You can contact Motader Company through:

Thus, we have presented to you approximately the prices for managing Saudi social media pages, and if you are looking for the best offers and packages in which you will definitely find what suits you, all you have to do now is contact us directly to find out all the details and the company’s current offers.




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